Coronavirus COVID-19 Policy

I am so happy to be able to offer you treatments again, at a time where maintaining good health is more important than ever. Please read my COVID-19 Policy for more information.

Stress is the most significant underlying factor of poor health in today's hectic lifestyle. Taking time to be still and to give yourself that valuable space to be nurtured , allows naturally occuring healing to take place within the body/mind. Within the holistic healthcare perspective 'prevention is better than cure'.

Holistic Healthcare

By maintaining a balanced body and mind, well-being and good health can be enjoyed. Holistic therapies treat the whole person, with the understanding that the body and mind are not seperate entities. In this model it is understood that emotional problems brought on through stressful experiences manifest in the body in various ways causing discomfort, pain, various ailments and disease.

Massage, Reiki and Reflexology are non-invasive treatments that promote deep relaxation, which in turn allows the body to heal itself. Regular treatments can help restore and maintain balance, health and happiness.

Vision for the Future

Although currently only a few therapies are offered from a small therapy room, or in your own home, Centre Anahata was started with the vision of becoming a holistic health community centre. A place where people can come to learn about nurturing themselves through various therapies and workshops. This can be achieved in the community around us - locally and globally - through raised awareness of important current issues by way of talks, stories, art and film.

Having a sustainable food garden will be an important part of this centre, where children and adults can together learn and contribute to growing life-sustaining food in a way that has minimal impact on our environment.

All of this of course will take time, inspiration, cooperation and money but it all begins from the sowing of a seed...

About Rebecca

Rebecca qualified as an aromatherapist in 2000. She chose the path of holistic healing after the loss of her aunt to cancer in 1999. Over the following years, she continued to develop her skills and knowledge within this field, including the medicinal properties of food, reiki and reflexology. This information has been the underpinning of her daily life, especially as a mother.

2013 was a pivotal year in Rebecca's personal and professional development when she learned Transcendental Meditation, a form of meditation from the yoga tradition. Practised twice daily, this has had a profound impact on her own healing journey. The following year she achieved a BSc honours degree in Medical Anthropology as a mature student, and a single mother of two girls.

In 2014 Rebecca established Centre Anahata. The centre was born with the intention of developing into an inclusive community health hub, run by a collaboration of healers and visionaries where the healing of individuals, communities and our planet are one and the same.

Rebecca trained in Ayurvedic yoga massage in 2016 which has allowed her to combine her love of yoga and massage to provide a deeply rejuvenating treatment. She is currently the only therapist in Kent offering this form of bodywork.

Rebecca is passionate about self-healing and uses her own healing journey to enhance the service she offers to others in their journey of self-discovery and healing. She is excited about sharing some of what she has learned in a series of massage and reflexology workshops.

Rebecca qualified in holistic aromatherapy and swedish massage in July 2000 with the IFA. In July 2004 she qualified as a reflexologist through the IIHHT. In 2004 she also received Reiki I and II training. She gained a diploma in seated chair massage 2014.

Rebecca is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (Membership No. 189291).

Yoga Teacher Training

Rebecca began her yoga teacher training with a 50 hours foundation course with Kate Ashley in 2016. Kate's passion for Yin yoga the following year became infectious in the Medway area and Rebecca, like many others, began their Yin teacher training with Kate in 2018. Sadly, Kate passed away in February 2019 devastating her students locally and nationally. She is completely irreplaceable as a teacher, but her spirit lives on through all she taught. It is because of Kate that Rebecca started her teacher training journey, which continued with a 200-hour Yin and Transformational Hatha one-to-one training in Bali, with Ashling Hughes in 2019.