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I am so happy to be able to offer you treatments again, at a time where maintaining good health is more important than ever. Please read my COVID-19 Policy for more information.

Deciding to have a baby can often be the first step of a long and challenging journey. Not everyone finds it easy to conceive. Sometimes this is due to an underlying physical condition in either partner which can be due to unresolved emotional pain held within the body. The demands and pressures of life today can place the body/mind under stress, making it difficult for these blockages to be recognised and released. The stress response of the body can also inhibit optimum health. Having regular reflexology whilst trying to create new life can ease accumulated tension in the body/mind and release held emotions. This encourages balance within the body, creating the perfect environment for a baby to develop and thrive. Reflexology can also support fertility treatment by promoting optimum physical and mental health.

Maternity Reflexology

Although for many, pregnancy is a beautiful time, it can also bring some physical and emotional challenges. Changes in hormonal activity can induce low moods in the mother. The growing baby places additional demands on the body for oxygen, nutrition and energy, causing some physical discomfort.

Regular reflexology throughout pregnancy can ease such discomfort and improve general well-being. It has a balancing effect on the endocrine system, which is responsible for the production and release of hormones. Other benefits include: improved circulation, reduced pain, inflammation and water retention. It also helps the body and mind prepare for giving birth by reducing anxiety and fatigue.

Reflexology can also be used during labour as an effective method of pain control.

A Case Study

I've been seeing Rebecca for reflexology and reiki for nearly 3 years. Originally it was just for relaxation but after my first miscarriage it developed into healing too. Unfortunately, I suffered a further two miscarriages but my fourth pregnancy Rebecca treated me with her pregnancy reflexology technique. I found this absolutely amazing and it also helped with the anxiety that comes with pregnancy following miscarriages.
I also struggled with an old injury to my shoulder and could no longer sleep on my left side because of the pain. After a few treatments, the pain subsided and I could sleep on my left side again. Rebecca is an incredible person, from the moment I’m with her I find just her presence to be so calming. I love my treatments! When I get home from my treatment my husband is always puzzled how I'm a completely different person and so chilled out.

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