19th June + 24th July,  2pm – 3.30pm

Join Claire for a workshop that aims to explore and expand your awareness surrounding your body, emotions and mind.

Claire is offering a monthly class that will combine bodywork, breathwork and mindfulness in equal measures – the class will have a somatic approach to all three. A somatic practice brings you into a relationship with your own body, allowing you to get to know yourself more intimately. It’s a safe space allowing you to explore your body, breath, emotions and energy body. The class will be as trauma-sensitive as possible. Using my background in nursing and degree in health I will be combining a package that positively impacts you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Bodywork, breathwork and Mindfulness. Soul-food. How are you? Genuine question. How has your mental and emotional health been lately? Have you recently spent any time checking in with your body, mind, and emotions to see how you really truly are, at your core level? Have you been struggling recently? Or just need some’ you time’? Fancy spending an afternoon being guided on a journey inwards? To check in with yourself? To feed that soul with movement and embodied enquiry?