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Rebecca began a daily meditation practice in 2013 and was amazed to find that her panic attacks immediately stopped, she began to sense a deep peace and her healing journey really began. The technique she learnt was Transcendental Meditation (TM) and she has been passionately advocating meditation ever since. After feeling like she was ‘failing’ in previous attempts to meditate, this particular technique felt simple and effortless which made it easy to integrate into daily life. Other types of meditation have felt easier since practising TM. There are so many styles of meditation all offering a different experience and result. Rebecca believes that the process of sitting still with oneself enables, over time, a deeper understanding of the self which promotes a healthier relationship with ourselves, other people and our environment. Misconceptions about what meditation is or should feel like can act as a barrier to practice and Rebecca would love to help break through some of these barriers.

She runs group meditations at the centre and has recently gained certification in the 1 Giant Mind ‘Being’ meditation technique and is looking forward to offering three day courses from January 2022.


Reduce stress / anxiety / depression


Improve mental wellbeing


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