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At Centre Anahata we are at the forefront of holistic healing in Medway.  We offer a wide range of treatments, classes, courses and workshops to provide a sense of well-being to our local community.

Aromatherapy Massage

A gentle, relaxing, but powerful massage that is enhanced by the use of essential oils. .

Acupressure Chair Massage

A modern adaptation of ancient techniques developed to relieve today’s workplace related complaints

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

A floor-based treatment that combines deep tissue massage with assisted yoga stretching and coordinated breathwork


Treats each organ, limb and endocrine gland via the corresponding reflex on the feet area according to the tradition of Chinese Medicine. 

Facial Reflexology

Coined the ‘natural face-lift’, facial reflexology is a technique whereby the whole body can be treated through stimulation to the face.

Fertility + Maternity Reflexology

Regular reflexology before, throughout and post pregnancy can ease discomfort and improve general well-being.

Nutritional Therapy

Bring your own health back into balance and come to a place of wellbeing through tailored health, diet and lifestyle advice.

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Classes & Workshops

We hold regular weekly yoga and meditation classes and workshops with a focus on small, intimate group numbers. 

Giving you space for health and healing, the holistic way

Holistic treatments, massage and yoga treat the whole person, with the understanding that the body and mind are not separate. Emotional problems brought on through stressful experiences manifest in the body in various ways causing you discomfort, pain, various ailments and disease.


  • Promote self compassion and care
  • Reduce stress and promote deep relaxation
  • Encourage natural healing for a healthier body and mind 
  • Maintain inner balance and happiness
  • Gain deeper self awareness

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