Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Energising yoga that connects the breath with movement. 


Vinyasa yoga is designed to connect the breath with movement. This style of yoga keeps you flowing from asana (pose) to asana, linking each pose to an inhale and exhale. The steady cycle of breath provides you with a calming, mental focal point which combined with continual movement gives you an added cardiovascular benefit, creating increased strength and flexibility.

Nina’s vinyasa flow:

Nina’s classes are mixed levels, so everybody is welcome. Modifications and adjustments can be made for beginners or for the more advanced yogi.

Nina guides students through a strong, steady cycle of breath that provides a calming, mental focal point, combined with continual movement to give an added cardiovascular benefit whilst creating increased strength and flexibility.

Nina’s classes are fun and active, designed to move and breathe in unison with focus and awareness. Classes are inclusive to all levels with options offered for inversions and balances.



Reduce stress


Improve mental wellbeing


Feel energised


Connect to your body


Release tension in the muscles

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