Yin Yoga


Let your body release and relax with this mindful practice holding poses for up to 3 minutes. It is deeply ground and balancing, while  encouraging deeper self-awareness. 


Yin Yoga consists of sequences of floor-based postures that are typically held for a minimum of three minutes which creates the ideal conditions for the deep layers of fascia within the body to soften, creating more space in the body and encouraging greater freedom of movement outside of the practice. Whereas more traditional forms of yoga are strengthening the muscles, yin yoga has more of a strengthening effect on the joints of the body.

Yin has its roots in Taoist philosophy, from which yin-yang theory derives. It is a practice of deep physical stretching, meditation and introspection. The ‘Yin’ principles of stillness, silence and passive stretching guide the body-mind back into a state of balance from the imbalances caused by our very active ‘Yang’-like pace of life.

It is a safe, mindful practice that is deeply grounding, relaxing, releasing and balancing. It also encourages deeper self-awareness, allowing the practitioner to be guided by their own inner wisdom in their daily life.



Release muscle tension


Strengthen joints


Release anxiety and stress


Encourage self awareness

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